Behind the lighting direction are two designers who have brought light and colour onto stages into a spectacular way to support the biggest names in the industry across the globe.
Patrick Woodroffe directed and lit shows for an endless list of starts including The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson (This Is It). To create the explosive light show that brings a new depth to the BLAZE show he is joined by long-time working partner Adam Bassett with whom he has collaborated on many of his most successful projects and gained recognition worldwide.


Piled high like the untidy drawers in the bedroom of most Young adults, the set for BLAZE was designed to reflect the lifestyle of many street dancers, chaotic, fun and changeable. The set is a part of the performance, acting as a canvas for the amazing video and light show as a point of interaction for the dancers. The set is as much part of the show as anything.

The BLAZE backdrop was designed by the renowned set designer Es Devlin who has built sets for the likes of Mika, Kanye West and Lady Gaga, as well as the most prominent opera houses in the world.


Not only to compliment the show, the digital artists behind the BLAZE video projections created something that interacts with the dancers and appears to have a life of its own. Designed and operated by digital audiovisual artists and apparent geniuses Robin McNicholas and Mehmet (Memo) Akten, the BLAZE projections are exciting, electrifying and completely mesmerizing.
With career backgrounds that have seen them working with the biggest names in the business, these guys have taken on the BLAZE challenge to build something never seen before on stage. Using the latest video mapping technology available, the dancers are performing with a living backdrop that really explores the depths of electric visual installation and even then takes it to the next level.