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In the British media

21-07-2011 - 18:58 | News

The UK tour was a highlight for BLAZE and the British media spoke enthusiastically about the energy of the show and the high level of professionalism of everybody involved in the show. Both dancers, choreographers and other creatives got their share of compliments.

Breaking News (the inside report on the UK B-Boying scene): “If the cast were a crew competing at a battle, with their array of skill they would win hands down. The set is unique, the clothes fresh and the music raw. BLAZE is a sensation not to be missed.”

The Times: “A big, slick package of wall-to-wall dance.” The Arts Desk: “Guaranteed to rejuvenate you faster than a red bull.” Financial Times: “The cast is superb. The show has enough voltage to light a small Belgian town for a year.”

Ballet Magazine: “An exceptional ensemble of world class performers”. Too Much Flavor: “BLAZE is a brilliant show, visually stunning and the breakers are at the very top of their game.”

In the British media